Wednesday, 4 December 2013

It's Time For The Potty

I'll admit it - I'm wandering into the idea of 'potty training' pretty unprepared and slightly clueless. I haven't read any books, much information on the web and only asked the advice of one or two twitter friends. It might sound crazy but my plan is to do what I've learnt to do since becoming a mother and trust my intuition. You know.... go with the flow?
I heard about Elimination Communication whilst I was still pregnant and kind of dismissed it as a step too far and not right for our family. At that point I didn't have much of an opinion on potty training, though I'll say that a lot of my attitudes about parenting have changed since Small was born. I never imagined I'd end up co sleeping or babywearing, but they happened as I wanted to be the kind of parent to respond to my child's needs (I also don't think these things are needed to be a responsive or 'attachment' parent but they were right for my child's needs - all children are different!). All I knew about potty training is that I didn't want a 4 or 5 year old still in nappies as often happens these days.

Once she turned 18 months and I knew she was physically capable I started to think about what my plan was going to be. Brief reading suggests I'm a little late to the EC method and if I'd have wanted to introduce it, it should have been a few months ago - however I'd say I'm pretty good with her signals and since we've had a potty in the house I've caught the majority of 'number two's'.
So here's the thing - I know I need to teach her about her own bodily functions. She comes into the bathroom with me and I explain to her what I'm doing. She's also mostly worn cloth nappies but since starting I've specifically been using the brand we have with no 'stay dry' fabric so she can feel when she has been.
My plan? I've been dabbling for a few weeks but I have just accepted that I need to be consistent. I've ordered some Close Parent training pants (we liked their cloth nappies) and as soon as they arrive I'm going to say goodbye to nappies during the daytime. This might seem a pretty radical thing to do - but I know she's aware of it as soon as she's dirtied her nappy and hates being in it then so much she tries (and often succeeds!) in removing it. I feel that she's ready.... you know... intuition? I'll let you know how we get on with this new part of the parenting journey!

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