Monday, 10 February 2014

Saying Goodbye To Your Cot

We've had mixed night time success since Small was born. The first few months were a sleepless blur in which Mr B and I took shifts and rarely slept at the same time or in the same bed. It was tough and I'll be honest - I knew with a new baby that I'd be up at night but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer exhaustion that being sleepless for that long causes.
At around 4 months I read 'The No Cry Sleep Solution' and began a routine, for a while she even fell asleep in her cot (in her bedroom) all by herself and slept though most of the night. That didn't last long though. To cut a long story short we ended up co sleeping for everybody's sanity and not long after set up a sidecar cot in our bedroom so everybody had enough space. She always started the night in her own room (after falling asleep with me in my bed) and would usually sleep until 2am at least before coming through. Now she often doesn't even last an hour and I end up in bed early with no dinner. The solution that has worked longest for us was no longer working and causing strain.
We're now trying to transition her to sleeping in her own room more, and as she absolutely hated her cot we decided it was time to turn it into a bed. I have to admit, as Mr B took the cot apart I was a little bit teary. I remember seeing her completed nursery for the first time after getting out of hospital (I'd been in for just over a week after having a P.E) and being really emotional knowing my daughter would be here in a few months time. It's the end of a phase, and now the cot is gone it feels like she's a 'real' toddler and no longer a little baby. I know she hasn't really been a little baby for quite a while, but it's in some ways sad to admit that as I know I can't really have any more children.
Last night was the first night with her toddler bed. She actually seems to like it and plays at tucking herself in and puts her head on the pillow and pretends to snore. I'm trying to make it a gradual process and don't expect it all to happen at once or be easy. She barely spent half an hour asleep in it after taking about three hours to go to sleep and then after coming in with us. I'm hoping she'll get more used to it over time.

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