Sunday, 9 March 2014

Black Cat Cafe - Hackney, London

Where do I start? I'm just going to jump right in and say I totally love this place! It's a 100% vegan not for profit cafe in Hackney in the same premises as Pogo used to be. I never visited Pogo, although I'd heard it meantioned quite a bit (I didn't often visit London whilst it was still around).
Mr B meantioned it, I saw they did vegan fry ups on a weekend and I was sold. 

The weather was lovely when we visited and with a large window that opens across the whole front of the cafe it was an amazing atmosphere. They had a large selection of vegan food items for sale as well as a big selection of books. I even spotted a few of my favorites on their shelves.

I got to try some of the Rebel Kitchen coconut based 'mylk' in orange choc flavour that I've seen lots of people raving about online recently. I thought it was divine, although Mr B & Small weren't so keen.

I had a cola float (total bargain at £1.50) and Mr B had a raspberry 'milk'shake - both were really nice and it was lovely they used my favorite cola in the float (curiosity cola).

We both had the fry up (they also do a healthy breakfast option too) and paid £1 each extra on top of the £7 standard price for a Vegusto sausage. As well as the sausage it came with tofu scramble, a redwoods 'bacon' rasher, home fries, mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce and a pancake. Honestly, it was epic! The only thing I wasn't sure about was the sweet pancake on the same plate as savoury food, but I guess that's just a personal preference. I saved it until the end then ate it with maple syrup. 
I will without a doubt be returning as soon as possible! The atmosphere was lovely (the fact that they played Morrissey/ The Smiths the whole time I was there helped too!). I love nothing more than going to 100% vegan places where offerings are well thought out - it's sad that at many v*gan places the 'VO' is just the standard version with things missing.
It was child friendly with enough room for our pushchair, and they had a high chair too. The menu changes often, but I'm lead to believe the breakfasts are every weekend.
Honestly, check it out - you 'll be glad you did!

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  1. Mmm! Choc orange! I need to find one!
    And cola float! I haven't had one in yrs!