Saturday, 15 March 2014

Candle 79 - New York

Candle 79 was one of the restaurants I was REALLY looking forward to eating at whilst in New York. It was on both mine and Mr B's 'must do' lists. We booked ahead, which I'd really recommend doing as when we visited in the evening it was really quite busy. We were seated upstairs by the window.

I had the Seitan Piccata and Mr B had the Spaghetti and Wheat Balls. We also had starters and puddings, but it was quite dark inside so incredibly difficult to get pictures of anything! We also had a few cocktails from their bar downstairs.

 (an incredibly bad low light picture of our Mojito type cocktails!)

All the food was lovely, and this style of dining is nothing something you encounter too often at vegan places. Everything we ate was heavily seitan based (wheat), although their website states that they also do gluten free. Saying that, the seitan was amazing and like nothing I've ever tried before (certainly nothing comes close in the UK).
It was a one of a kind dining experience, but I actually ended up favoring Candle Cafe.

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