Monday, 10 March 2014

Dunwell Doughnuts - Brooklyn, New York

It has been almost a year since Mr B and I visited New York after getting married, so I guessed I had really better get on with it and start blogging some of the amazing vegan food we ate whilst there! Out of all the places we went, Dunwell Doughnuts is one of the most memorable. In fact Mr B follows them on Instagram and regularly drools over their pictures and wishes they were just down the road.

All their doughnuts are vegan, although they don't make a big deal of this or really advertise themselves as a vegan place. In fact we checked the website several times and asked when we arrived just to double check. I suppose this is because they are aiming for local trade as well, and judging by some reviews online many people don't realise they are eating something vegan!

The interior is pretty amazing and full of character. I'm not sure it's what an old fashioned doughnut shop would have truly looked like, but honestly it's so full of charm that doesn't matter. When we visited they had plenty of seating available and a steady stream of customers for takeaway orders.

Tempted by the delicious looking ice cream they had on offer as well as all the flavors of doughnut, we went for a sundae to combine them both. Mine was a coconut doughnut with cookies n cream ice cream and a little chocolate sauce of top. It can be described as nothing less than epic, really I've never eaten a doughnut this way - but it's pure genius. They also have various coffees and soft drinks available - we went for iced coffee as it was a lovely warm day.

Not wanting to feel like we were missing out by not getting to try their other flavours we grabbed a box of 12 to eat at our leisure over the rest of our trip.
Honestly if we go back it will be for sure one of the places we visit. The doughnuts were some of the best I've tried since becoming vegan, and it was amazing to have all that choice.


  1. Looks yummy. Donut and ice cream why have I never tried this!!! X

  2. YUM! Next time I need to try the doughnut sundae, it looks amazing.