Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Infinity Brighton

Infinity Foods is a vegetarian cooperative based in Brighton. They have a cafe, as well as a large food store with an in house bakery based in the North Laines. I've been to their cafe and shop quite a few times before. I love the store as you can find items you might not find in regular health food shops (especially not in the midlands).

They have a good range of vegan options on the menu, a breakfast in the earlier part of the day and a selection of vegan and gluten free cakes. I have to confess with all the other vegan food in the area I've never tried their savory stuff, but we almost always stop in for coffee and cake.

I think I'm also guilty of always choosing the carrot cake when they have it! This was during my birthday trip last November...

 and this is the one I had on Saturday. They have outdoor seating as well as several levels inside - even if it's been a bit of a squeeze we've always found somewhere to sit. 

Mr B also got some vegan focaccia from their instore bakery which I had a nibble of. They also do take away vegan and gluten free vegan pizza slices!


  1. I still need to go Brighton! That cakes look yum xx

  2. I loooove the focaccia from Infinity Bakery - it's pretty tempting to eat a piece every day!