Friday, 14 March 2014

Meridian Nut Butters

I have a confession to make - before I had Small I didn't really like nut butters. I'd sometimes put some in a smoothie, or buy a jar to use in baking - but I'd never eat it in any way that the taste really came through. Then when Small started eating they started to appear more and more in our cupboards. Concentrated sources of fat are really important for vegan kids as it's very easy for them to eat too much fiber and not enough calories if you don't pay attention.
When I first started looking for a nut butter which was suitable for her, I actually found it surprisingly difficult. They all contained lots of added salt and oil. We relied on the fresh stuff from Wholefoods for a while, but as we actually don't live very close to a branch at all this wasn't a proper solution.
I found the Meridian ones first in Holland & Barrett whilst looking for some low salt yeast spread (theirs has added B12 too), then discovered most supermarkets sell at least the almond butter if not the full range.
She loves all three of the nut butters, but the cashew and almond are her favorites. It goes on toast, in porridge and makes a good dip for vegetable fingers and rice cakes.
I was kindly sent these samples to try and now not only does Small love them, but I do too. They're available in some supermarkets, Holland & Barrett and independent health food shops.

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  1. love the peanut one, it is my secret sin :-) On toast, or with mashed banana in a sandwich!