Monday, 10 March 2014

Peacefood Cafe - Uptown Manhattan, New York

Peacefood is another of my favorites from our trip last year. It was conveniently located so we could grab some lunch there before checking out Central Park. It is a 100% vegan cafe - in the UK we tend to get lots of vegetarian places that cater for vegans, whereas in the US I've noticed more places tend to be vegan or not at all. As with everywhere we visited whilst there, it was easy to reach by subway/ walking.

We did have to wait a fair while for a table as it was lunchtime and super busy. Whilst I waited I snapped this picture of their cakes and deserts chiller - we got some of their chocolate chip cookies to take away, but I was too stuffed to try anything else after lunch!

I had the 'fried seitan medallion $12.95 with cashew cheese, arugula, tomatoes and pesto' and Mr B had a pizza with Daiya although I don't remember exactly which one (I'm not sure it's on the menu anymore, but was slightly strange with potato as a topping!). The panini though is still something I'd class as one of the best things I ate whilst out there. The description on the menu says it comes on 'homemade focaccia' it was actually more like just slices of bread, but it was delicious anyway. Some of the seitan products I ate whilst over there were insanely good - I've tried in the past to make my own at home as it's not easy to buy in the UK but none were even close to how good it was there. I've been dreaming of recreating this sandwich ever since!

 It was also here that we picked up a copy of this really useful vegan guide. It lists all the vegan places to eat, along with a little review and important information like price range and subway line.

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