Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vegan Quiche Lorraine - Toddler and Family Friendly

It had actually been years since I had made my last vegan quiche before I whipped this up last night. I'm not sure why I left it that long though, as this was delicious and the toddler ate loads - that in our house means it's a success! The addition of black salt really gave it a slightly 'eggy' flavour without being too strong - if you haven't any you can leave it out, but I really enjoy using it in recipes and it can be found quite cheaply online.

1 package pre made vegan short crust pastry
Dash of oil
1 red pepper
1 white onion
3 rashers of vegan bacon
2 boxes silken tofu
1 cup nutritional yeast
1 Tsp garlic powder
1 Tsp turmeric
2 Tsp lemon juice
1 heaped Tsp black salt
3 TBSP cornflour
1 carton vegan single cream
Sprinkle of grated soya cheese to top

Preheat your oven to 180C. Roll out your pastry and line a 9 inch dish with it - don't trim the edges off yet as it will shrink a little in the oven. Poke the bottom of your pastry all over with a fork to prevent it from rising.
Pop your pastry in the oven for around 10 minutes to firm a little. Remove and set aside.
Chop pepper and onions and add to a pan with a little oil to brown. Cut your veggie bacon into strips and add to the pan. Set aside.
In to a food processor add your tofu, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, turmeric, lemon juice, black salt and cornflour. Process until smooth. If you have a high powered stand mixer then save the cream for that step - if not add it now and blend in.
Transfer the tofu to the bowl of your stand mixer and use a whisk attachment. Whilst on, slowly pour in the cream. Turn to high speed (I use about setting 8 on my Kitchenaid mixer) and leave it to whip some air into your mixture for 5-10 minutes. If you don't have a mixer, this step isn't strictly necessary - but I think it results in a slightly lighter mixture when baked.
Mix in the onions, pepper and bacon then pour your mixture into the pastry case and smooth the top. Sprinkle on your soya cheese.
Bake for 30-40 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes once removed from the oven so the tofu can firm up a little.


  1. Do you worry about the amount of soy products your baby eats?

    1. I've been asked this before - and the answer is no. It might seem on the blog sometimes that lots of the recipes I post at certain times are soy based, but it's not representative of her total diet. Yes she drinks soya milk designed for toddlers, but many days that's the only soya she'll consume. When she is older she'll have different kinds of 'milk' but many of them are too low in fat and cals for under two's.

    2. She does eat some minimally processed soya products as part of a varied diet (tofu, edamame) but she also has lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, nut butters, legumes and healthy fats.

  2. Thanks Cherry. I was just interested as I'll hopefully be raising a vegan baby soon myself. Small looks like a grgeously healthy and happy little girl

  3. Wow! This looks epic! I've bookmarked your recipe, I think it'll be a perfect summer picnic dish.