Friday, 25 July 2014


It's not often Mr B can take time off work - he works really hard so that I can stay at home with Small and we both love him to bits for it. It is however fabulous when he's off and can spend lots of time with us. As it was all a bit last minute we decided to spend some time at our place in London and venture down to Brighton too. If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you'll know how much I love Brighton!
I've had the privalidge of trying out some great veg*n places I'd not visited in between battling the heat and having some family fun.

On our first day we popped over the river to Greenwich as although Mr B and Small love the foot tunnel, I'd never been there before. My Detox Diet is a lovely little shop selling mostly vegan (though watch out for whey based protein powder!) juices and smoothies. They had a lovely selection of superfood snacks and cake too! 

Somewhere else that was new to me - The Waiting Room in Deptford (one door up from Kids Love Ink tattoo parlour). I really had no idea what to expect, but was really impressed. Totally vegetarian with ample vegan choices. The three of us had a burger, hot dogs and a falafel wrap followed by some of the yummy cake they had on offer. It was not only good food & coffee, but reasonably priced - we'll definitely be going back!

We stayed at the lovely Una hotel which had stunning views of the old pier from our little balcony. I LOVED this place - we've tried Paskins and Sea Spray in the past too (all who have been able to rustle is up a full cooked vegan breakfast).

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  1. I really need to visit Brighton. I'm trying to persuade the husband to take me there for our 10yr wedding anniversary but no joy yet. .