Monday, 29 September 2014

Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened

On Friday we headed down to our flat in London to spend the weekend taking in the sights, eating vegan food and seeing family. As usually happens, we set off after Mr B finished work and picked up a Basilico pizza close to our destination to save us getting shopping in as soon as we arrive (and let's face it - the pizza is ridiculously good).

On Saturday small decided whatever we did had to include trains. The DLR trains are her absolute favorite, so we decided to go into central and try out a new vegetarian place on Eastcastle Street just a short walk from Oxford Circus. We went to Ethos for their 'Brunch' which was a buffet style meal with a set price of £17 PP which included an orange juice or coffee (they charged us £10 for the toddler).

The quality of food was really good - the food was clearly labelled if it was vegan and they also had labeling for gluten free products. I have to confess I was a little confused by it being called brunch though, none of the foods I would associate with being 'brunch foods' were available - instead it seemed much more like lunch. The sort of foods on offer were salads, olives, bread, mashed avocado, spicy rice, seitan ribs, lentil dishes etc. Despite the seitan ribs not being vegan when we arrived, after asking they brought out some that had been made vegan near the end of our meal which were easily the best part! The Thai sweetcorn fritters were also another highlight for me.

The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of choice with desert. They had some pretty tasty looking vegetarian options, but only a couple of vegan ones which had run out when we came to that part of our meal so we left desert - less.

I'm not sure that for a family it was good value - at £10 for a toddler who only eats small portions that's quite a lot. Maybe they should have a different buffet price for under 5's? It's nice to have a new place to choose from however in a nice central location.

On Saturday evening we had the luxury of some babysitting - so whilst Small stayed with her grandparents Mr B took me to check out Tanya's. I love raw food and am always trying out new things at home in my dehydrator (who knew they were such a useful kitchen appliance?) - I was so so tired when it was time to go out, but I'm really glad Mr B made me as I had a wonderful evening.

We had the cheese platter to start, with some cheesy kale chips and some coconut bacon on the side. They also have a wonderful selection of superfood cocktails with a handy guide in case you don't recognise any of the 'super' ingredients. I had an absolutely amazing Pina Colada that was divine. 

We had the desert platter next which was lovely - I think the beetroot and orange cheesecake was my favorite! The raw chocolates were seriously the nicest I've ever had - the mint variety (pictured below) was amazing!

All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend - it's so nice to spend time with my family when Mr B isn't focused on work and we can all enjoy ourselves!


  1. mmm Cherry, that chocolate does look good! Sounds pretty expensive though but worth a treat. Was there much your daughter would try? My DS is fussy but sure he would eat the cheesecake!