Friday, 5 September 2014

Soy Free & Vegan Quiche - 'Cheese' & Onion

My tried and trusted quiche recipe, although delicious is tofu based and as I can no longer eat soya products it is sadly off the cards for me. The funny thing is, since I was told I needed to avoid soy - I've been craving all the things I normally make that contain it! I started off a vegetarian in my teens and my relationship with tofu then was a rocky one, but as the years went by I learnt to love it and all the ways it could be yummy (like tofu scramble... Oh I miss you!).
I decided I just HAD to make a quiche that was soya free, but every bit delicious. I scoured the net and only came across recipes that were gram (chickpea) flour based - they didn't look like my 'creamy' yummy pastry based treat, so I decided I'd just have to make one up. 
Lucky for me it came out awesome! It's probably not a good idea to try and eat it right from the oven - it needs to cool a little to set. It's best eaten cold - if it's been in your fridge for a few hours it should totally set.

I really recommend getting hold of the Oatly cream for this recipe - it's the best one I've tried that's both vegan and soya free.


1 package short crust pastry

1 yellow pepper - chopped
2 leeks - chopped 
1 TSP garlic
1 TSP onion powder 
1 TBSP black salt (optional - gives things an 'eggy' taste)
2 packages Oatly cream
1/2 cup Oat milk
1/2 cup cornflour (yes.... Really. Without this it won't set!)
3 TBSP organic white flour
2 TSP lemon juice
1/2 TSP mustard powder
1 cup vegan soya free 'cheese'

Preheat oven to 180C. Roll out your pastry and have your non stick quiche tin ready. Line the tin without trimming the edges, prick the bottom with a fork and weigh the middle down with baking paper and dried beans. Bake for about 15 minutes.

Whilst your pastry is blind baking, make up your filling. This part is super easy! Just pop it all in a food processor (save 1/4 cup of the 'cheese' for the topping) and blend until it's really smooth.

Remove your pastry case from the oven and discard the baking paper and beans. Fill with your mixture and sprinkle your remaining 'cheese' on top. Bake for 30-40 minutes. Allow to cool before serving.


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  1. This looks great. I'm yet to make quiche. Even in my pre-vegan days it scared the heck out of me.