Monday, 29 September 2014

Vegfest London 2014

This past weekend we headed down to London to spend some time with Small's grandparents and whilst we were there we went to check out Vegfest. We've been to other Vegfest events during various years including Bristol and Brighton so had an idea of what to expect.
We decided against taking in the pushchair (which was a good job considering all the stairs in the multistorey carpark!) and took Small in on foot. We also decided to go on Sunday afternoon - whilst this did mean that some of the stalls had packed up and gone home (or run out!), it did mean the crowds weren't too bad to navigate with a toddler and we didn't have to wait to long to buy food etc.

I was actually really pleased with the selection of companies were at this show, and felt they were a bit more interesting than some of the other shows we had been to. There were plenty of soya free vegan products for me to oggle over, as well as food for Mr B and the toddler. I had a lovely hotdog from the Vegusto stall which I thought was really nice - I'm already a lover of their products!

Mr B and the toddler had a Pad Thai from the Thai street food stall that was there - I had a sneaky taste of some of the mushrooms and noodles and it was yummy. Small absolutely loves noodles (she calls them eagles) so there wasn't any other choice really about what they would be eating!

At these shows I've never really been interested in any of the speakers or cooking demos - but this year they had a really good line up! I would have loved to have seen Kate Magic, Mimi Kirk and Brendan Brazier (being the Vega lover that I am). In the end I decided that it however would have been madness to try and get the toddler to sit still through any of these - maybe next time!

I brought home a great haul of stuff with me! Amongst the stalls were some bargains to be had - I stocked up on Pulsin protein bars and Rebel Kitchen mylk. I even picked up a cute toddler sized Sea Shepard tee for the mini one.

I was also really impressed with the boxes from 'The Vegan Kind'. I'd heard about them before and seen other bloggers review them, but had never had one myself. I was drawn to the stall by their beauty boxes (which were sadly sold out) but I had a lovely chat with the lady on the stand and came away with a box for a bargain price and a Vego bar.

I was also really pleased I came away with some samples of Vega protein smoothie. I already use Vega One every day (the vanilla chai flavour) but have to confess I'd never tried any of their other products. The smoothie doesn't contain as much good stuff as Vega One, but it does have greens as well as protein - so much more beneficial than just regular protein powder.

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  1. I had two of those Vegusto hot dogs at the fest' on Saturday - they're so great!