Thursday, 8 January 2015

Instant Pot

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was to unwrap a shiny new Instant Pot on Christmas morning. Mr B knows how important healthy eating is to me and that I often struggle for time when I'm cooking from scratch several times a day. The one thing I always forget to do is soak beans overnight before using them, and I've never had much success using stove top quick soak methods. Well this amazing device can cook beans from dry in around 30 minutes.

I have seriously used this every day since I've had it, and some days it has faithfully made me breakfast, lunch and dinner! I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of the recipes I have come up with - and if you've not heard of this before, I really recommended you check one out.

Thank you Mr B!!


  1. How's this holding up now you've had a chance to use it for a few months? I've been eyeing these up for quite a while but it's a fairly steep price-tag and I do have an awful lot of kitchen gadgets already...

    1. I absolutely love mine, I use it every day even if it's just the steaming function. As its also a steamer and slow cooker I've been able to have less gadgets out. Mine still looks good as new.