Sunday, 29 March 2015

Vegan Burg - Singapore

During our brief one night stay in Singapore we were lucky enough to check out some of the delicious vegan food on offer there. Despite me feeling poorly we headed straight out for a leisurely walk over to a location of Vegan Burg. Mr B had read about all the v*gan food available here and he was pretty excited.

I had the 'Creamy Shrooms' burger with 'Seaweed Fries' and Mr B had the 'Chargrilled Satay' burger with fries also. My food was pretty good - I really wish they'd open one in the UK. The whole thing was branded like you'd expect to see any other fast food store, but everything was vegan and healthy!

Mr B also had one of their ice lollies for pudding which he informs me was very nice, but I was too full by this point!

I really enjoyed the food and definitely would go back if I ever find myself in Singapore again. The whole place seemed very vegan friendly - we even found a great meal in the airport terminal!


  1. Those burgers sound mighty fine! What are seaweed fries? Are the flecks tiny bits of seaweed, and with that small amount does it make much difference to the flavour?

    1. The fries had little bits of seaweed all over - they tasted a little of it, but it was quite subtle. The burgers were really tasty, such a shame we haven't got a vegan burg in the UK!