Monday, 6 April 2015

Date Night

Guess what? Mr B and I have been married two years today! Our wedding day really doesn't seem like it could possibly be that long ago!
To celebrate the grandparents gave us some rare toddler free time so we decided to head out for a meal together that wouldn't involve noodle flinging or trying to coax a small person from out under the table.
As it's a bank holiday we were limited for choice so booked a table at Bistro1847. We have been a few times before, but have had mixed experiences and haven't always felt it was good value for the price.

To start I had the 'Goats Curd, Salted Baked Beetroot & Mint Pea'. Mr B had the vegan option of 'Mushroom & Garlic, Polenta, Tomato Relish'.
I'm not really sure what to say about the vegan starter - the veggie version would have included a poached egg, but it's just left out in the VO. It really annoys me when this happens as you quite often end up with a dish that doesn't work. It was dry and tasteless, if it had been my starter I wouldn't have eaten it.
My starter was ok, but nothing special. The mint pea really didn't taste like anything at all and I found the whole combination a bit odd.

My main was the 'Beer Battered Halloumi with Mushy Pea Emulsion'. It came with thick cut chips. Mr B had the same, but the vegan option which meant his was battered tofu. We have both had this meal in the past and enjoyed it, but this current version is definitely lacking in something. We even dug out an old photo of the last time we ate this to compare - and last time was better.
The actual battered part was nice and so were the chips, but the 'pea emulsion' seemed to be the same tasteless green goo from my starter. The last time we ate this it came with things to dip into, sea vegetables and lemon wedges - but without any of that it was dry and actually quite hard to eat.
After this we decided not to risk pudding and left feeling quite disappointed but glad we had a 50% off deal as we'd have been quite put out if we had paid full price.
Still feeling hungry and in need of tasty food we headed over to Mr Singh's which saved the day!

So this was my actual dinner - we had a romantic car dinner and awesome veggie and vegan pizza before heading back to collect the small person.

Happy Anniversary Mr B! XOXO

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