Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pure and Raw - Leamington Spa

Pure and Raw opened REALLY recently in Leamington Spa in the same shop that used to be home to my beloved 'Burst Juice Bar'. I'm not sure if it has the same owners or it's a new venture, but I was sad to see Burst go/ excited to try out this new offering.

The interior has been totally redone and they have a little bit more seating now than it did previously. It seemed bright and fresh and full of enticing fruit. I was a bit disappointed to see the food menu has gone - it used to be a great place to find something vegan - the sausage bagels being our favorite. Sadly though it doesn't seem to have been replaced with any raw food either - I'm not sure if this will come later. Some snack bars and vegan carrot cake were for sale, although at least half of this wasn't raw and the other half were bars such as Nakd. I found this all a bit odd since their logo says 'Pure Juice, Raw Food'. Pretty please can we have some raw food?

I had the 'Almond Crunch' smoothie made with almond milk, banana, cinnamon and almond butter. It was nice and I really enjoyed it, however a regular size was £3.95. Despite there being three members of staff my drink took around 10 minutes - I put this down to them having not been open long.

I brought these vegan & gluten free cookies for my daughter which were under £2 (can't remember exactly), but sadly there were pretty strange and they didn't get eaten.

UPDATE: I went back here a few weeks ago and they are serving some food now. Mr B and I had nice raw vegan cakes that we really enjoyed. They also have a salad bar, but beware not everything is vegan (or vegetarian) as we spotted tuna in the counter.

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