Thursday, 11 June 2015

Veg Bar

Ever since Mr B first told me that deep fried mac n cheese balls existed I'd been dying to try Veg Bar. We got a few hours toddler free so headed over :)

We didn't have time to have starters and mains so just ordered a couple of things each and got it all at the same time which equalled into a huge pigging out fest. This was the 'Southern Fried Gold' - the menu says it's supposed to come with BBQ sauce but we got tomato. It was pretty good. I guess the Mac could have been a bit more cheesey - it didn't seem to have much sauce inside, but maybe that's a limitation of making it stick together into a ball?

For my other dish I had 'Bartolomeu's Adenture Playground' which was a hotdog, beans and salt n pepper home fries. This was nice too - I was less keen on the homemade hotdog sausage and maybe might have preferred a faux 'meat' style one, but that's a personal preference. 
We really enjoyed the meal and our only con at this point was the price - £10.50 is quite a lot for a main dish given their style of food and location. This is more than Manna V charge for their lunch burger & fries (they charge £8 at time of writing).

I kind of debated for a while about what to say at the end of this post, but as they say I guess honesty is the best policy and in all honesty although I enjoyed the food I wouldn't return there again. Like ever. 
As I said - both me and Mr B were really enjoying our meal until the point we both found hairs in our food. Mr B found his first inside one of his Mac n cheese balls - he showed me but we just thought it might of come from him. Then I found several hairs underneath food on my plate I hadn't even touched until that point.

I found several bits, but only got a clear shot of this. At that point we stopped eating, felt a bit ickky, paid the bill and left. I don't like saying stuff like this about v*gan places because I want them to be successful and I want them to exist, but it's just like the situation where The Waiting Room served us a kids hot dog where the bun was covered in disgusting mould (I emailed them and they apologised profusely), it has put us off and we probably won't be back. 

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