Saturday, 18 July 2015


I've been crazy about Belle & Sebastian for years. I fully admit to High Fidelity being one of my favourite films of all time (I love the book too) and confess that is the first time I heard of this band. They have so many great songs that resonate with me, but this week it is one of their better known songs from 1998.

Jessica Lea Mayfield is a quite new to me artist. "Our Hearts Are Wrong" is a haunting song, but obviously in a good way!

Sleeper are one of my favorite 90's bands and "What Do I Do Now?" is up there with my favorite songs. 90's Britpop at it's best.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Tierra Kitchen - Lyme Regis

Yesterday evening we once again visited Tierra Kitchen in Lyme Regis - we've been quite a few times now in fact and I've blogged about them before. We have family in the area and we are delighted that there is somewhere to get a vegan meal. I've been pondering all day about how to write this blog post - I really dislike any of my posts coming across negatively, but I also tell the truth and won't say something is great when it isn't. In the end I decided to go ahead and write this post as I desperately want Tierra Kitchen to be better!

My starter was the 'Tierra provencal terrine, layered courgettes, aubergine and mixed peppers, lavender tomato water, basil and almond (V) £6.50". I have had hit and miss experiences in the past with the vegan food here and whilst I recognize that their customers are probably mostly vegetarian, I feel that the vegan offering is not properly thought through. The terrine was set with some type of jelly, but neither the vegetables or the pesto had enough flavor.

My main was the "Baby Rainbow Aubergine Caponata, served with five-herb polenta cake, toasted pine nuts, optional buffalo mozzarella (v option, m, n) £14.20". I of course had the vegan option so no mozzarella! I honestly think this was the most disappointing main course I have ever had here. The price point is similar to other top veggie restaurants in the UK (such as Manna V, Terre a Terre, Acorn) but the food served just does not reflect that. Terre a Terre meals obviously have a lot of skill and preparation involved and the price feels well justified. The meal I was served at Tierra Kitchen was pretty much polenta and ratatouille - by removing the mozzarella for the vegan option they hadn't thought the flavors through and the result was pretty boring.

To be honest by the time it came for pudding I wasn't feeling very optimistic. We had noticed a few things on the menu that were marked '(V) = suitable for vegans' actually had ingredients listed which obviously weren't vegan and should have instead been marked 'vegan option' so we wanted to double check with our server that it was definitely OK. It was at this point that the front of house manager became very rude with us stating that they were a vegetarian restaurant and didn't focus on vegan food and that the errors on the menu were OK because they were 'obvious'. I thought this wasn't strictly true as because they were marked vegan it might be assumed it was vegan cheese and be ordered without stating a 'vegan option' was required. The other two members of staff were lovely though, and we did let them know about the incident with the male who served us.

My dessert was "Pi­ña Colada coconut and lime Panna Cotta, pineapple purée and ice cubes (v) £6.20". It had some nice flavours but it wasn't really a panna cotta as they are normally set - this was similar to vegan yoghurt and puree layers.

In some ways I really hope that Tierra Kitchen will read this and take it on board. I think we were just unlucky with the food on offer on the night we visited, as I have had things before that have been lovely such as the samphire fritters, pumpkin seed sausages and the sweetcorn cakes (which are featured on their cookbook). I think they just need to ensure that at least one starter and one main actually works as a standalone vegan dish, instead of just removing elements of the vegetarian version to make it suitable. Despite my experience with the food I would return, however the rudeness from the front of house manager has seriously put me off.

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