Friday, 4 March 2016


I've been away from the blog for awhile, in all honesty life has been hectic - then it slowed down a little and I think I needed a little break to adjust to our new lives in a new part of the country. We've been enjoying our new house, exploring our new surroundings and taking lots of impromptu trips to the beach (that's the whole point of living by the seaside isn't it?) 

As we moved here in December (the week before Christmas!) I'm looking forward to some nicer weather to enjoy all the outside space we now have. Our garden is 2/3 of an acre and I've got a big greenhouse so planning to grow lots of good stuff this year which I'll be sharing with you all. 
It's kind of inevitable that as our lives have changed pace a little so will what I write about on the blog - in truth whilst I've been away I've been struggling with what direction to take things but as I enjoy writing here so much keeping it going is something I definitely want to do. There was a period where I was working with lots of brands and whilst enjoyable to an extent, I found myself often not really writing about the things I truly wanted to or writing from the heart. Stepping back from things from time to time and gaining fresh prospective is needed.

On a familiar theme we've found more v*gan things to enjoy so far than we expected. My favorite so far is a 100% vegan shop in Exeter called Seasons if you live in the area or even come on holiday down here pay them a visit and stock up as their range is absolutely awesome! 


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  1. Hi Cherry,
    Lovely to see you are back blogging and to know that you are happy and settled in your new home. Am sure you will all love being by the seaside.
    Take care.