Monday, 28 March 2016

Vegan Menu at Zizzi

After hearing that Zizzi would not only be doing pizza with vegan cheese, but having a vegan menu with starters and deserts too - we were pretty exited to try it out. Then we heard that the vegan cheese they would be using would be mozzarisella brand and then we felt a little less excited. Having tried it before, I have to say I wasn't that keen and haven't had it since. I've tried many many vegan cheeses over the years and there many really great ones out there.

To start we had a portion of garlic bread each - the portion was huge and we could have easily had one between us! The bread was flatbread style but unfortunately didn't taste at all like garlic. Mine was dressed with rosemary and oil, but was a little dry and needed far far more garlic! 

On my pizza I had mushrooms, black olives and balsamic caramelised onion for my toppings along with the vegan cheese. The pizza was pretty large and the dough was very good. Although the overall pizza was pretty good I still wasn't too keen on the mozzarisella - I know many people have differing opinions on vegan cheese but I still think there are far better ones out there. As far as the toppings they worked well and I couldn't even finish off my pizza - it was definitely bigger than those at Pizza Express. 

I'm really pleased a chain has established it's own vegan menu - it's always great to have more options and I hope even more places follow (I'm looking at you Pizza Express!!). I've heard mixed reviews depending on the branch visited, in my case I went to the Exeter branch. I've heard people say the garlic bread has been brilliant at other branches, so maybe we were just unlucky. 

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  1. I was super excited when I heard they were using mozzarisella! It's one of my fave' pizza cheeses for sure, looking forward to trying it when I'm back in the UK.