About Us

I started my blog in 2009 whilst I was a student to share my vegan recipes and adventures, but it has become so much more since then.
In the last few years I've struggled with a thrombophilic / autoimmune disorder which has at times affected my diet through medication. I've been mostly vegan for the past 8 years, but since being ill for the second time in 2014 have sometimes compromised with a vegetarian diet. Chronic illness really sucks, but I'm just trying to be the best I can be. I might try out crazy food experiments from time to time and I believe that a good diet can help a little with illness - but I'm so over the 'but you look healthy' or 'if you do x, y or z' then you'll be miraculously cured comments because you know what? Chronic illness = for life. I just want to live it the best I can. That means ups and downs, sadness and happiness but taking it all in my stride.
I'm all about my family, making delicious food, music, glitter..... riot girrl!
I don't believe in anything that makes me unhappy - bitching, infighting, small mindedness, bananas.

Disclosure - I sometimes work with brands and do reviews of things. The most regular of these you might see is my involvement with Suma Wholefoods in the form of their bloggers network. They provide me with a package of food I have chosen myself from their catalog to come up with a recipe. In some cases I might review a product that I have received for free or at a discount for the purposes of the review - if this is the case I will state it clearly on the post. I never promise to give a positive review in these cases and will always state my own honest opinions. When I review cafes or restaurants I have visited because I wanted to and paid with 100% my own money - opinions are 100% honest.

I am a mom. My mini person is three and I look after her/ play with Duplo full-time.


  1. hello, i've just found your blog and am wow'd over! Than you for sharing all your wonderful recipes and stories!

  2. Thank you! It's always lovely to hear people are enjoying what I do :)

  3. Loving your blog, and am going to share it on my FB page.

  4. Hi cherry, I would just like to say that I read your piece on going back to being a vegetarian and I think that you're incredibly brave and that other people are absolutely disgusting to not support you with what you are going through as I can imagine it hasn't been easy on you or your family.
    I am vegetarian that still eats fish, I was 6 when I watched a "kill it cook it eat it" style program, at the time my mum tried to get me onto vitamin tablets but in the end it was a ball ache so we compromised on fish, going from fish fingers to a wider variety over the years.
    I am currently contemplating becoming a vegan, just to try if even for a month over march and see how it goes.
    I admire you and will turn to you and your page for advice.
    Ellisfaye@hotmail.com, please dont be a stranger x

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